LeToonz Hangin’ On LeWave

From Left to Right we have… Ask YourSelf – LetGo – Ah-Ha & DoIt

Flois in blue below

ReMote …is the big eye above

BeIt  did not make this photo shoot but you can find s/he somewhere around here….


Synchro  …you join us later… (unless I put s/he in and forgot to edit this text afterwards 🙂

LeToonz Ridin’ LeWave…and doing so in their respective places


3 Comments on “LeToonz Hangin’ On LeWave”

  1. Lafrado says:

    While I understand the concept and have felt many of the Ah-Has we have spoken about I find that I am searching for the “memonet” where one realizes they are about to be an ass of and withdraw from the relationship prior to the hind-end coming around front and introducing itself.

    It is not quite Ah-Ha but it is enlightening and it is a learning moment.

    THere is the Ah-Ha and then there is the Oh-No(?)

  2. JohnBrian says:

    Hi Lou,

    My father pointed that out too, “So what’s “oh-ho”!” Yep, it’s an ah-ha all right but about something we might prefer not occur, or have happen. I see these a predictive ah-ha’s with an anticipated down-side – same two syllable utterance though.

    This two-syllable expression is ubiquitous among different human ethnic populations around the world (I will prove it someday too. Help anyone? “ah-so” – Japanese)

    Ah-ha, “aahhh” and “ha-ha” are the three big primal human utterances (Oh-ho is right up there but 1st cousin to ah-ha I suspect) and many have repeated the work of Arthur Koestler concerning these three.

    My take on it is that these three primal utterances we ALL make are psycho-physiologically interconnected and ah-ha is the result of a juxtaposition and combination of what happens within us when we experience aahhh and ha-ha together.

    Moving on… What I find amazing is the “social” choice people make to NOT overtly indicate or express the fact – through sounding aloud or humming “ah-ha” – and NOT showing we have learned something new because of what someone else said… typically a male phenomena but I am sure women are just as adept at choosing not to show they learned anything new from anyone, in other words they “pretend” to know. Now these same knew-it-already’s WILL say “ah-ha” out loud if it serves their strategic motivations… to get ahead in their own wicked way…. It all depends on who is there to embrace, impress and connect to, like the Boss, a new client or new “friend.”

    It is as if learning something new from anyone else is not something you “do”… it’s something less evolved people do than you experience. How ironic.

    I mean, as far as I have seen… people actually fight off saying “ah-ha” out loud and in public. It’s sadly, sadly hilarious to me.

    Flip-Side: The minute we begin to share that we had an insight, overtly and with each other or another or in a crowded elevator and we directly communicate and let others know that they helped us in the “having” of our ah-ha either via direct or indirect interaction with our mind and/or bodies – and we become aware of these patterns in our lives moment-by-moment – is the moment, along with all others, that the quality of human consciousness-of-relationship will have shifted dramatically and significantly forever and for the better.


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