LeToonz Product – Kids 8-13 – LeWave w/Removeable LeToonz Characters and Embedded Songs

LeToonz_Desktop Character Set with Song-Chips for each Character

This was our first toy-set prototype for the LeToonz/LeWave Characters. 

Who are these guys??? From Left to Right on LeWave we have…

 Ask YourSelf – LetGo – Ah-Ha… DoIt (orange springy character)

Flois in blue below left

BeIt  …the crazy multi-colored character below right and with the donut (toroid) around its waist. We also have ReMote (not pictured here and  Synchro, who will be joing us later.)

Each LeToonz character helps make us aware and conscious of certain universally fundamental personal “processes or states” that each and every human being on the planet experiences “YOUniquely” in their daily lives. 

The power and purpose of these LeToonz characters is that they help us discover how these universal processes and states exist uniquely within each and every one of us. 

Yes, LeToonz is all about the discovery, and then the evolution, of that which makes us YOUnique; of that which helps us value our innate and natural Gifts and dispositions; of that which will come to define our true purpose in life.  

LeToonz helps answer these life critical questions – the When, Where, What, Why and so-what of: how we uniquely Ask Our Self’s; how we uniquely have Ah-Ha’s; how we uniquely Let-Go; how we uniquely Do-IT; how we experience Flo; and ultimately how we YOUniquely Be-It in life. 

LeToonz characters operate within a very dynamic geometric environment.  This geometric environment is referred to as a topology.  This special topology our LeToonz characters live, and naturally operate within, we call LeCozmos – as the shapes in LeCozmos look like something that we would see in space, in the cosmos. LeCozmos, over time and working with LeToonz in our daily life, begin to and ultimately form a very beautful and very complex image… a personal mirror of our natural and YOUnique Self. A Self evolving over time.

The LeCozmos topological components can be seen throughout LeWave – the big sign wave the LeToonz are riding upon – along with the LeWave sign-wave we have a Mobius strip, and a single toroid (donut) and finally donuts within donuts or nested-toroids. As you can see the Mobius strip and the single toroid or donut, are what is holding LeWave up in the air in the above product rendering. 

LeWatches - The Set

For reference, whenever you see the “Le” in front of something in this universe it stands for “Learning-to-Evolve.” The same applies to other products and catgeories of stuff such as LeMusic, LeSongs, LeDances, LeFashions, LeWatches, LeCompany… LeToonz, LeWave, LeModel… you get the idea.

The more complex nested-toroids act as the pedestals for each of the 6 LeToonz characters. The Be-It character, found in the lower right of the set, also has a nested-toroid around its waist.  

LeToonz_ToySet_Nested-Toroid Pedestal

Nothing about this system of topological images and characters is frivilous, all aspects have meaning as they illustrate and make LeModel come alive in our lives – LeModel, The Learning-to-Evolve model. 

LeModel is a very complex, fun yet a complete toolkit that will assist anyone in the process of their natural and innate Self-Discovery, Personal Evolution, organic Self Value, sense of Self-Significance, and Gift-Based Life-Purpose.

Speaking of meaning and value packed and less than frivolous… when the LeToonz character “Be-It” spreads its hands and legs wide it forms a chalice shape (See below images). The chalice shape is also that shape made by two spirals that connect at their tips; one coming from the top-down and the other from the bottom-up. Where they touch is the same place as Be-It’s waist.

LeToonz_Be-It_Netsed-Toroid around It's Waist

Interestingly, the chalice shape made by these spirals is the reverse-space of the toroids… in other words, if you have a chalice and take the wider cone ends allow them to expand they will ultimately fold over, around and connect to the cone surface of the other spiral… this would form the shape of a donut or toroid. 

The chalice spirals are much like a worm hole, and are found, like the toroid, in many aspects of nature working together, interacting dynamically and as one system of moving energy… like us 🙂 

Chalice, Dual-Spirals, Toroids illustrations in our world:

HUGE Gamma Ray Bubbles_Nasa

Chalics Formed by Dual-Spirals and Toroid Naturally Unfolds as Reverse-Space

This toy set has embedded songs and song-bites for each character.  These are activated when a LeToonz character is taken out of its LeWave place.  Once removed one of 5-7 lyrical songs, or song-bites are played, with each song speaking to the meaning of each character and how it applies to the “user.”  So, for example if you picked up Ah-Ha from it’s position on LeWave you might hear something like this: http://www.letoonz.com/media/track02.mp3

Here are some other views of the LeToonz Desktop ToySet:


11 Comments on “LeToonz Product – Kids 8-13 – LeWave w/Removeable LeToonz Characters and Embedded Songs”

  1. Christine Corrigan says:

    I have three grandchildren ages from 3 to 11 and I think the LeToonz and LeCozmos concepts and toys are fun and valuable learning tools. Just as I still recite in my mind “30 days has September…”,etc., children can become comfortable with the LeToonz concepts by singing the songs.

    In being able to recognize how we each have our own unique Ah-Has, for example, we are then better able to recognize that our family member, friend, co-worker, etc., has his/her own ways of reaching and recognizing his/her own unique Ah-Has. In the working world, we all have unique “Ask yourself, Do-It, Ah-Has”, etc. and must learn to understand, accept, and value others’ unique ways of “Be-n-It”, if you will, if we are to successfully and over time work together to create a better product, service, and wealth for the firm. The sooner each child is able to recognize his/her unique “Ah-Has” and other gifts, the sooner and better they will be able to work with and appreciate others.

    As a watch collector, I also love the watches!

  2. Hi Brian

    I think you know this already, but I find your work HUGELY of its time. I can think of few greater gifts we can give our children that would be greater than a growing insight into how they themselves interact with the outside world.

    The fun but effective tools you are developing, are inspirationally innovative.

    All the best – Sean

  3. Todd says:

    I have coached my two year old to go AHA. The daily development of her AHA moments is astounding! I learn so much about her character….and mine. Thank you for introducing me to these characters!

    • JohnBrian says:

      Todd, as you very quietly and covertly (:-)) support their ah-ha experiences when they occur let me know when they start saying “ah-ha” out loud and as a direct result of their heightened awareness of these events. Next in the progression (meta-ah-ha’s – insights about insights) let the children know they are actually experiencing something amazing (perceived/felt space/time collapse when we have ah-ha’s and that IS amazing) in and of itself… not simply that they learned something new or solved a problem but that they expereinced a ah-ha in and of itself; as an “event” that has meaning as such and interdependent to the results of that moment of insight…. this is one of the first “curriculum” keys in this process.

      Next, ask them to describe their “PathofAh-Ha”… their path we take to our ah-ha’s is critical. Then, as they become more and more conscious of insight events, help them come to see how the “ask their Self” (another LeModel variable) in that unique way that brings them to insight. This is unknown stuff for most of us and will take time to develop an awareness of.

      Lastly, for the moment, make sure to point out the ah-ha’s that occur for the children that are the most invisible… these will be those ah-ha’s (and DoIt and LetGo and AskYourSelf) that come without efffort to them (and all of us!). These are the toughest to note as they happen with very little cognitive (thinking) effort or time. BUT, these are the most important events for the children to become aware of. These ah-ha’s connect directly to your children’s innate and nature Gifts. By direct extension these natural gifts become the foundation for their YOUnique “Self.” Once they come to know and VALUE their innate and gifted Self then their sense and direction of Life-Purpose becomes tangible, known… liveable.

      Todd, as you mght surmise this work is not for just kids or teens but for adults and parenst as well… with the focus on our children the parents learn via child-experience-reflection and osmosis. By teaching them we teach ourselves – nothing new in this The difference with LeModel, LeToonz and the embedded ontology and life-curriculum is that the “learning” is about innate Self discovery; about the discovery and living our true gifts and path in life. A HUGE learning-as-an-evolving-process for us all.

  4. Hector says:

    The characters colors and shapes are a perfect fit for bilingual education at any level of education; one can see the Letoonz characters being the first digital educators for the new wave of students!. Great job!

  5. I love this! I only wish I had this when my kids were young. I would have loved to know the ‘Ah-Ha’ moments as I watched them develop and grow. So,on to the Grandkids, when I have some.

    The concepts, toys, watches and shirts, all of this is vital to getting your message out to the world. The time is right NOW!

    The message is so important to young and old. The merchandise is a great way to advertise the importance of the message.

    What an exciting and important gift to pass on to the human race!!!!

    P.S. I collect watches, too, and love the new shirts.

    • JohnBrian says:

      Thank you Tricia… the real beauty is in the fact that the curriculm-as-model and (Self) evolutionary-ontology comes alive in the merchandize itself… the products, such as the (Le…) T’s and Tops and hats, shoes, watches, etc… all the merchandize delivers the learning-to-evolve (YOUnique Self) insights directly to the User/Wearer – they ARE the message. The User/Wearer becomes aware of their individual moment of Ah-Ha (and that of others), the contexual patterns, relationship patterns around their unique insights. They become aware of a distinctly different dimension of “natural ah-ha’s” that allow them to come to know and value their natural and innate gifts and dispositions… the LeFashion clothing product line and category, as with the other products (in other supporting categories) generate the learning experience directly… and also promote that experience to others. And yes, they also “advertise the importance of th messsage.”… while still being simply “kewl” stuff 🙂

  6. […] We have looked at the array of product domains and channels and age-groups by which to enter the market, knowing full well that the “thought-product” we are offering can manifest itself within any number of product domains – from fashions and accessories; to toys; to educational-tech to media/entertainment content (TV, Video, Music, Film); to mobile (dedicated learning and/or learning-game)  and social media apps… to knowledge, collective intelligence and semantic web apps…. and even to coffee cups. https://letoonz.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/letoonz-product-kids-8-13-lewave-wremoveable-letoonz-charact… […]

  7. Dr Karen says:

    OK, now I would love to see the at-home or even school “curriculum” that could come packaged with these — fun little figures, great ear-worm music 😉 — ideas for how to embed this into daily activities (like you gave Todd above plus more, more, more) would be fabulous!

    • JohnBrian says:

      Hi Karen, musical bites are embedded in the wave… you pull a LeToonz character out of their slot on LeWave and out comes a song… http://letoonz.com/media/track02.mp3
      (Turn up your speakers and enjoy 6/7 year olds perform in this song)

      Re: “…how to embed this into daily activities…”

      You are right-on Karen… This is a big hole for me, obviously not in the sense that I have not thought of it (I am actually haunted by this “real-value” task)… BUT in the sense I have not yanked this work out of my Mind/Brain yet and put it to paper (explicate the implicate)

      I am a great believer that the learning methodology, pedagogy and curriculum itself should be invisible and “viscerally/fun-native” (embedded and seamless) to the play expression of the LeToonz products.

      Back to your thought. There is a need to provide actual step-by-step process documentation for the P’s, or educators, or… consumers in general.

      I could use a coaching hand in producing one such step-by-step Parent-Doc, much less the book 🙂 I have begin writing, yet have set aside at various times, this critical product doc creation.

      I think Todd’s children are the perfect age. One can begin to teach a child about their gifts and natural Self through modeling and beginning at infancy.

      For any parent it can begin with the discovery and VALUING of their own personal “ah-ha’s; and how we “AskOurSelf”; and how we, as parents, uniquely experience “LetGo” moments and “Flo”; and how we behave in our unique, gift-manifest way, as in how we “DoIt.”

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