LeWatches_LeToonz on Watches for The World


LeWatch - Child and Parent Sets

We all have natural gifts and dispositions. We are all truly unique and significant human beings. Our natural gifts and dispositions are what (or should) motivates each of us to do the work we are born to do; to chose the career and relationships that postively affect our most natural life pursuits. 

In doing the life work we are born to do we come to know own true Purpose in life.

LeWatches with the compliment of other LeToonz products and mobile applications are all designed to help each of us to discover and then more consciously live our natural, gift-guided destiny’s.

Each watch represents one of the LeToonz characters with each character helping you discover how each of these most basic of human “processes and states” lives within each of us.

 Let your Self and the world know what makes you YOUnique! These LeToonz watches will be available as a set or individually.  They also make great gifts for those in your life who have a desire to discover what makes them truly YOUnique.

Pick the watch that reflects how you’re feeling on any given day or time of day; whether you’re in your uniquely “AskYourSelf” psychological space; if you’re feeling or sensing you need to do some “LettingGo” or are a LetGo kind of person.  If you are feeling like you have “Ah-Ha’s” ready to come, or are in the middle of your creative expression cycle, or just want to remind yourself that you are a predominantly “Ah-Ha” kind of human being.

Each LeWatch informs others, yourself; they remind us to focus on one of these or all of these universal yet unique-to-each of us processes and states.  

LeWatches and entire LeProducts universe and LeApps (mobile applications) are the first products of their kind.

They are designed to help us discover through direct reflection how these most basic processes and states happen to each of us unique. 

The more you know how you AsYouSelf, LetGo, have Ah-Ha’s, DoIt and Flo, the sooner you discover how you are meant to BeIt in your life.


3 Comments on “LeWatches_LeToonz on Watches for The World”

  1. I just wanted to pass along that I have been following your blog for awhile now Brian and really enjoy learning more about “developing self” and these stages we go through as we grow in this time given us .

    I think it especially important in this day and age that children have a positive awareness of self and their purpose model early on. Something I wish that I had in my own upbringing.

    By the way I love these watches, not only for kids but for adults too! Please let me know when these will be available for ordering. I am particularly fond of LetGo and A-Ha’s which seem to be where my personal growth stage is at the moment in life.

    Thanks for the informative newsletter and keep up the great reading! Again let me know on the watches, I have a niece that would love these too!

    Continued success to you Brian!

    • JohnBrian says:

      Thank you Elaine (Laney). We will make sure the world knows… I think we will even create a pre-order order form. What do you think?

    • JohnBrian says:

      That is a great point Laney! “for kids and parents too.”

      The LeWave (now LeToonz) product line(s) are meant to be sold as family sets, especially for the early ages – Toddler (language is born) – 10yrs. This promotes powerful Self discovery (and natural gift-valuation!) dialogue between all family members. Since there is genetic mirroring in strong degree between bio-P’s and children the innate and natural disposititions between mom and dad and child are much easier to speak to, discover, nurture and develop. This is where the parents learn about their naturally gifted Self as well! And believe me, the kids will FORCE the P’s to look at their TruSelf as never before.

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