KnoWear – Fashions that Teach Us about our Self

These are the original LeWave T’s. 

The LeToonz character illustrations of each LeWave phrase (variables as universal yet YOUnique individual “states” and “processes”) had yet to be created. The original LeToonz T’s were designed as a set of four T-shirts.  Each showed a portion of the LeWave with the description of the state or process variable (LeModel). The four states or process variables described on the T’s are:
AskYourSelf – Let-Go – Ah-Ha & Do-It
 There were no character illustrations yet, just the LeModel phrases and the LeWave they lived within.

LeToonz Interactive T's - Early Version 1990-ish

As you can see the T’s come together to form a wave.  The wave only comes together if those wearing the T’s stand side by side in the correct order – this order is dictated by LeModel – the Learning-to-Evolve Model.
Each phrase means something special on its own and means even more when it is connected to the others ( There were also golden ties at the bottom on both sides of the T’2 so you could playfully and literally attach yourself to the next T and create LeWave (a sign-wave which was the basic unit of LeCozmos) across the front of the T’s.

The First Ah-Ha T-Shirt

The next LeWave shirts were hand made.  We used rich colors  in raw silk and choose a complex, multi-colored fabric to depict each of the LeWave segments for each of the LeWave phrases. The phrases themselves are appliqued on the back and sleeves of the tops.  The lettering of Asian form in large bold golden hues

High Fashion LeWave Tops - 2nd Generation

These tops were more abstract with the LeWave segment split and a golden orb sewn into the space of the split of each shirts LeWave segment… This is the Ah-Ha top.

The Little golden orb, pictured here represents another aspect of LeCozmos – The center of the Toroid (donut shape)

The LeWave high-fashion tops set did not allow for LeWave to come together in the front. They were more individual, more YOUnique unto themselves as pieces of LeWave, as significant and representative “state” and “process” facets of one’s Self.

Here is a picture of the “AskYourSelf” LeWave Top… the composition shows a child reading… no doubt “asking her self” or thinking and processing (cognition) and in her own YOUnique way at this very moment.

In wearing LeFashions the user (as Wearer)  is made more conscious of these – universal yet unique to them – “states” and “processes.” The Wearer is, in effect, observing themselves experiencing these states and processes, and in so doing becomes specifically conscious of them – the Wearer learns about learning, they are meta-learning. 

As LeWave (via LeFashions, etc) is designed to focus the Wearer on the existence and value of their innate gifts and dispositions, they then take the next step, beyond meta-learning, and enter a higher, fuller, deeper experiential realm, doing so quite naturally – the conscious realm of meta-evolution.

The "AskYourSelf" High Fashion Top "In Action"

Remember this is only the LeFashion Tops. You have to keep in mind that LeFashions are a piece a broad matrix of interconnected product categories. The whole LeCompany Product system includes a full spectrum of other products. The key is to make the LeWave world, its applied meaning, come alive in the mind – in the actions, perceptions and memories – of the user.  So this is why we also have LeSongs, LeApps, LeToys, LeGames, LeTV, LeWeb, etc… LeCompany is introducing, through cool products a “Way-of-Thinking” about our Self; about our YOUniqueness; about of our personal and natural Significance as individuals and about our Life-Purpose founded on that significant YOUniqueness; about what authentic and powerfully creative and productive (and loving) relationships with others really looks and feels like; about the real, vibrant and just as unique experiences of Human Synergy (an ecology-of-mind).

6 Comments on “KnoWear – Fashions that Teach Us about our Self”

  1. Tesha Vbiles says:

    I think this is one of the most significant data for me. And i’m glad reading your write-up. But wanna remark on some normal things, The internet site style is ideal, the articles is verily great

  2. Dr Karen says:

    OMG – love them! So where do I find a LeWave T or other KnowWear fashions??

    • JohnBrian says:

      Karen… Thank you for the essential motivating cheer!

      Well we are looking for (resonant development and application) Partners from many walks of life… from educators to psycho-linguists and therapists… to mobile app developers and programmers, theatre directors and producers; writers from all media and performance venues, performers, musicians, toy makers, fashion designers, agents, media producers… to financiers ;-).

      The LeToonz Fashions & Accessories; LeMusic, LeDance… Toys, Board Games, Mobiles (for infants and toddlers), Stickers, Posters, Fobs… and our amazing LeMobile Apps…

      ( , etc…

      …will ALL be available as soon as I/We can find various and resonant partners to bring them to the marketplace… Know anyone!? 🙂

      I/We have successfully tested the concept: the LeToonz characters and the beautiful LeCozmos topological-imagery with kids and mom’s and dad’s… from home-learning applications for infant/toddlers to “Self-Knowing” consumables for children, tweens, teens, young adults and those who have been in a few life rodeo’s. If applied in age-related fashion I have found the LeCompany products and ideas are very well received…

      Karen, I will invariably have a parent tell me they wish they had these kinds of toys and games when they were kids… something to help them come to know and VALUE their innate gifts and dispositions and as a result come to know and value their natural their true Self.

      As you may know Karen the word “Ah-Ha” (or “aha”) did not become a consumer conscious utterance before Oprah brought it to the mass “consuming” world in late 2008 when she brought an author on her show who wrote a book about ah-ha’s. (I spell it “ah-ha” vs. “aha” to honor Arthur Koestler’s work as well as this spelling being my phonetic expression preference.)

      The social response to Oprah’s show – the consciousness of the experience of, and the significance of, personal insight – was simply amazing (I was told). So Oprah + her loyal staff created a web portal almost overnight

      The psycho-social readiness simply needed a catalyst (a potent and trusted spark) and then paradigm shifted.

      Now, to show just how ready the consumer marketplace was about everything “aha” or ah-ha” insight as a significant experiences Oprah got sued by Mutual of Omaha… and …for use of the phrase “aha-moment.”

      Yep, a lawsuit around the term ah-ha: too weird, sad, funny but good and psycho-socially (and linguistically) essential for the market-readiness for the LeToonz/LeCozmos concept (…and the associated EvoReVo, EcoMind, OneMind, HuEvOS, and SELF-evolution work).

  3. Juan Langton says:

    Your Blog’s RSS feed doesn’t work right in my browser (google chrome) how can i correct it?

    • JohnBrian says:

      Hello Juan,

      I did not have any RSS links posted on the blogs and so I can see how that would have been an issue. You should see the RSS link tabs now on 2 of the 3 Blogs.

      Let me know if I got it right this time.

      Thank you.

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