What’s “Le” all about… Learning-to-Evolve

This is the space were LeToonz speaks to us and we can talk back. 

This is the space were we define and explain the nature and purpose about  LeToonz, LeCozmos (LeModel). 

LeModel is illustrated through the LeToonz characters (visual and musical) as they live and breath and behave within LeCozmos.  They are fun looking characters (that will evolve too) because, well, kids young and old just seem to prefer (and remember) distinct and interconnected sensory images over a bunch of words.

LeToonz + LeWave = LeModel

Le = Learning to Evolve

It’s about Human SELF-Consciousness and I can’t capitalize SELF too much.

Yep, it is all about making Consciousness not only KEWL but a pragmatic kinda’ cool-ness.

It is all about… discovering your Innate Gifts and Innate Dispositions… the stuff that comes to you and each and everyone on the planet uniquely and naturally, without effort…. the thinking and imagining, and sensing and doing that we tend to value least about our Self.

It is all about taking this innate SELF of each and every one of us and Living it’s YOUnique Power and YOUnique Purpose in your YOUnique life.

It is all about connecting to others through this YOUnique you; bringing other people into your life that more effectively “synergize” with this YOUnique you.

It is all about what happens to OUR world when more and more truly YOUnique Self’s connect or build relationships to other Truly YOUnique Self’s: http://imonad.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/introducing-the-human-singularity/

It is all about a NewWorldOrder founded on more aware, gifted human beings, living more fulfilled lives while consciously living their gifted Self’s while in parallel forming and evolving more complete and synergistic partnerships with others who are doing the same.

It is all about a new dimension of human living and working synergy both in scope and depth – across the planet and over human generations of time. We could even give this more finely, powerfully and synergistic connected-future a name.

How about “The Human Singularity?”


2 Comments on “What’s “Le” all about… Learning-to-Evolve”

  1. Gary Page says:

    Brian, I enjoyed the serendipitous meeting at Pinky’s… looking forward to following and learning more about you.

    • JohnBrian says:

      Hello Gary,
      We even have a character for that… “Synchronicity. He/she’s, as “Synchro” or “Synchra”, has been on the drawing board forever, or at least since the early 90’s. I just have not gotten ’round to getting the image done. I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts concerning “TheWork.” Maybe more synchroncities await. Thanks for the note and the effort in perusing and considering the LeModel, aka LeToonz and LeCozmos, content.

      P.S. Was that your presence I saw on the “Ecology-of-Mind” site today? I rec’d quite a few page hits from someone.

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